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qinyuan Dispenser

qinyuan Dispenser

 qinyuan Dispenser
item:202(Silver spray)
Package Size:35 x 35 x 105cm

Triple protection to prevent interference: two automatic and manual remote control and a mechanical dry triple protection devices to ensure that the state contracting without water
Off extremely accurate .
Dust pollution prevention design infections:
Using closed antifouling design, built disinfection device, effectively prevent dust from entering and faucets cross infection.
Precise structure channeling water leak temperature :
Storage tank capacity, conducive to heat , combined with double- groove joints , prevent and solve the channeling and leaking problems.
Qin original water experts :
Modern family , the pursuit of the perfect combination of technology and fashion , but also the pursuit of a return to natural healthy living , attentive care , more caring , always meet your high standards , a leading designer of wisdom for your life more brilliant inspiration, let fashion and glamor of technology everywhere show .
Tempered glass panel printing , stylish and generous ;
. Fully humanized anti-scald opening design , full of customers to join you and your health
. Chain door brown dust , safety and health
. Multiple anti-dry technology , multi-layer protection, peace of mind ;
. Wading parts using national food grade materials , safe and secure ;
At night water light , user-friendly design , the perfect embodiment ;
Large -capacity storage cabinets , convenient and use

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