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Ningbo Jubao Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. is headquartered in New York, the United States well-known high-end chemical suppliers, the company has been working fine coal chemical production and research and development, the company's senior scientific staff of 100 people, are renowned in the industry . Enterprise products include carbon black, Violet, high masterbatch, coal chemical products, the company production base across Canada Toronto, Monterrey, Mexico, Sao Paulo, Brazil, China, Shanxi, China, Chengdu and other places, to provide pigment solutions to customers worldwide. The name comes from the famous American Chardonnay grape species, company trademarks are five C, meaning Caring (considerate), Cheerful (cheerful), Charming (charming), Confident (confident), Creative (Creative)! Shanghai International Trade Co., Ltd. Chardonnay Chardonnay is the United States Pigment Co., Ltd., established operating companies in mainland China, the United States Chardonnay sole agent of chemical products sales and operations in China.

Qin former Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.



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