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Laboratory ultra-pure water solutions

Date:2014/3/14 10:43:01

 Laboratory water quality standards: 
My company designed and manufactured in full compliance with small water machine laboratory analytical laboratory use - Specification People's Republic of China GB 6682-1992 standard laboratory analysis of water is divided into three levels: a water, two water and three water. Corresponding conductivity of water were 0.1uS/cm, 1uS/cm, 5uS/cm. 
Laboratory water applications: 
There are strict requirements for a water analysis tests, including tests required for the particles have, such as high pressure liquid chromatography analysis of water ...... 
Two water for inorganic trace analysis and other tests, such as atomic absorption spectroscopy of water ...... 
Three water used for general chemical analysis tests, such as the common titration analysis, cleaning beakers, flasks, reaction vessels ...... 
Our laboratory ultra-pure water machine features: 
Automatic water system, anytime use. Automatically stop the water tank, the device is in standby mode, automatically when the tank runs dry. 
One machine. Output pure and ultra-pure water, and the resistance value detected by online, easy to use. 
RO membrane with automatic flushing function to extend the RO membrane life. 
Source of impurities in the water can be easily upgraded to strengthen the pretreatment system. 
Whole appearance of fine natural, rational layout design, repair and replacement supplies convenient. 
Automatic operation, and a tap water protection, high voltage protection systems and features that use that stop. 
Typical laboratory ultrapure water system backup process: 
water ---- PP coarse filter ---- activated carbon filter ---- PP fine filter ---- booster ---- reverse osmosis unit ---- a mixed ion exchange column - --- two mixed ion exchange column ---- put taps 
water ---- PP coarse filter ---- activated carbon filter ---- PP fine filter ---- booster ---- reverse osmosis unit ---- intermediate tank ---- Pump ---- ultraviolet disinfection device ---- ---- EDI pure water tank ---- pure water pump ---- put taps 

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