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Drinking fountains without heating causes and solutions

Date:2014/3/14 10:40:26

 Dispenser with our lives, with a fountain to function properly, it should be a very satisfying thing right, if not heated water dispenser, you know what do you have any good way to resolve it? The following small for everyone to solve some of these little annoyances of life now! 

Drinking situations without heating 
First, the dispenser light does not and is not heated

Possible reasons: 1, the power is not turned on; 2, fuse burned; 3, the circuit board is bad. 
Recommended Solution: 1, check the heating switch is placed in the "ON" position. And whether there is electrical power outlet; 2, replace the fuse; 3, the circuit board to be replaced.

The case of unheated water dispenser 
The first case: drinking no electricity, no heating nor cooling.

1, check the power outlet has power, if not promptly turn would turn. 
2 Check the power plug and socket contacts are reliable, if loosening will have seated. 
3, the inspection machine, connect external power supply is disconnected, and whether the plug off? If the connection is good.

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