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IC card self-charging style fountain solution

Date:2014/3/14 10:28:18

 With the improvement of living conditions and increasing health consciousness , pure drinking water, more and more people ; With the accelerated pace of life and to improve social management , in order to conserve water resources, water consumption, ease of management fees , fee-based self-help dispenser applications are increasingly common.
    A self- charging style dispenser Overview
    1, What is self- charging water dispenser ?
    Self- charging style is based on the original drinking fountain on the increase in water metering and automatic toll collection system is made . Consumption of drinking water is a self-service terminal devices .
    2 , self- charging style dispenser classification
    Currently on the market there are a variety of self- charging style fountains , water use from the points, there are self- charging style bottled water dispenser , self- charging style pure water machines and self-service fee-based pipeline machine . From charging technology uses the points, there are coin-operated dispenser fees , contactless IC card self-service charges fountains and induction IC card self-service charges dispenser . From the technical point of water metering , charging time measurement buffet fountains and water flow measurement buffet charging machine . There are some other classification, this will not see them here .
    3 , self- charging style dispenser works
    Self- charging style drinking water consumption is paid through automatic toll collection device -specific recognition, and thus to control the water dispenser to achieve the purpose of payment of consumption .
    A, coin dispenser works: coin dispenser is a coin dispenser built into the management device. Its working principle is : coin management device to set up a drinking water consumption price, consumers will Numismatic coins or paper money invested in the input port , the system of coin recognition processing . When put into the coin reaches the preset consumer prices , supply of drinking is allowed a corresponding volume of water .
    B, contactless IC card dispenser works: contactless IC card dispenser is a built-in contactless IC card reader device dispenser . Consumer spending before drinking , we must first card recharge, water consumption when the card is inserted into the IC card reader card reader , card reader device in the confirmation there is enough to keep the amount of water allowed to operate in the consumer deduct the amount of consumption in the IC card.
    C, IC card dispenser works: induction IC card dispenser works like a contactless IC card dispenser, its main difference with the contactless IC card dispenser is: induction IC card water machine is the use of non- contact IC card , the use of radio frequency manner IC card spending amount to consume within recognized and debit operations.
    4 , the advantages and disadvantages of various types of fee-based comparison of drinking
    Pay water dispenser , water dispenser is the main charges is one way , so we evaluate fee- drinking time, also mainly from two aspects to compare
Table I: Comparison of various types of fountains
Table an analysis:
    1 , water security mentioned in Table I , the bottled water , the various types of bottled water on the market because of uneven quality , more sinister water disrupting the market, from the water supply is concerned, it is difficult reassuring, and bottled water dispenser due to its structure and use, bring very serious secondary pollution, even after the water well, use is also difficult to ensure its quality , so the security is poor ; pure water machine is a set of pure water manufacturing and drinking in one, fresh water system , water sanitation , is one of the most secure way of drinking water ; while machine is a terminal pipeline direct drinking water system , the water quality depends on the quality of water straight drinking water systems .
    2 , the investment cost, low investment cost of bottled water machines , usually in the tens to hundreds of dollars. And pure water machine will have a thousand dollars, but it contains a homemade water system. Investment costs are also lower pipeline machine , usually a few hundred dollars , but it can not be used independently, pure water through the pipe and connected to a central water supply system will be able to use.
    3 , the use of cost , the higher the cost of bottled water , five gallons of bottled water prices in general 5 to 10 yuan, while the cost of water in 5 gallons of pure water machine does not exceed 0.5 million. Cost pipeline machine , because of its pure water is provided by the pure water of the central water supply system , so its cost depends on the cost of the central water supply system , in general, will be cheaper than bottled water.
    4 , water is the ability of real-time continuous, uninterrupted access to drinking water , bottled water due to the need to manually change the water , so when in fact it is subject to certain conditions. The machine is made ​​of pure water pure water, so when in fact it is very good. As for pipeline machine , it also depends on the nature of the central water supply system .
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Table II Analysis:
    1, Table II proposed for the crowd , because the coin dispenser is to use a common currency as a consumer settlement , it is particularly suitable for use in mobile and not fixed population. And the contact and contactless IC card recipients due to their need for card payment card and recharge, so suitable for use in relatively fixed crowd . Of course, in the ease of use , it is better than the latter , because it does not need to carry currency can be consumed . And can be card consumption .
    2 , the charging method in terms of security , coin threatened *** , and the device itself there are cash , store it greatly increases the risk , so their security is not very good . The IC card similar to a bank credit card the way , the security and confidentiality of its performance is very good , cashless transactions consumption , so the high security.
    3, and then talk about consumer management , coin consumption , the use of a common currency , so I can not confirm the identity of the consumer , so the consumer can simply record the total , while the IC card and IC card inside to record the consumer's identity , it can be well documented personal details of the consumer information and support to generate various statistical reports , it has strong consumer spending .
    4 , since the reliability of the coin is the need for effective identification of currency , the currency of their high integrity requirements , currency or defects can not wear contact type IC card using the encryption memory technology to read and write data to the built- modify the number up to thousands of times , so better reliability, but because of its type to transfer data using contact mode , so after long-term use IC card reader device is easy to wear due to contact or oxidation caused by poor contact. IC card to overcome these shortcomings contactless IC card , using closed no wrong way point , consumer debit and prepaid completed with high reliability

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