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Tencent Sinovac Science Park drinking water project

Date:2014/3/14 10:24:18

 Tencent Sinovac Science Park project for the building of Tencent middle leased properties, totaling 6,500 employees, in October 2013 stay. Drinking water project was started in July 2013 by the company, September 24, 2013 was completed. Central RO water machine 2T / h, according to the arrangement of the standard layout of 50 people a straight drinking fountains, drinking fountains installed a total of 184 units, six months since the operation was well! Tencent water purchase price of 0.48 yuan / L (compared to the original use of the farmer spring Tencent drinking water 18.9 yuan / barrel, save 55% of the cost).

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